Andrew Geigert

Booking Agent/Manager of Grape Street Pub/ Guitarist
Manayunk, PA

Beau Bodine Bassist for Isle of Q

Doug Kennedy Guitarist for Isle of Q

Buck Stalgren Owner/operator of East Side Rehearsal Studios/Guitarist
Manayunk, PA

Chet Makowski Adminsitrator/Music Educator for Harcum Medley Music School
Bryn Mawr, PA

David Ivory Producer and Grammy Nominee
Dylanava Studios

Jim Miades Bassist for Stargazer Lilly

Joe Rolland Bassist for Tapping The Vein

Scott McGill Gifted professional guitarist and music educator
Scott's site

Scott Stalone

Found Sound Studios

Jerry Caiazzo Guitarist/Music Educator for over 30 years in the Philadelphia area

Kevin Hightower Guitarist for Noosphere

Kevin Bentley Guitarist for Pawnshop Roses

Dave Quicks Guitarist for Dave Quicks band

Kevin Hanson One of Philadelphia's finest guitarist and music educators. Kevin Hanson

Todd Barneson One of the best acoustic players in the Philly area.

Billy Frederick Season Studios Owner, Mastering and pre recording studio, Guitar Player for Season Of Mourning, and Guitar player for Polterchrist, Guitar Wars.Com Elite Alumni, Endorsee' of Hex Custom Guitar Concepts, Gore Guitar strings and MarBill Power

Beau Catania Guitarist for Code Blue band

Ben Arnold Premier Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter and recording artist. Ben Arnold

Judge DiFazio Guitarist for Steamroller Picnic

Matt Santry Philly Singer Songwriter

Ted Richardson Philly Guitarist/Songwriter/Engineer/Producer

Jeff Herbeco Guitarist with Ted Richardson/formally of Speed

Ron Doroba Guitarist/Songwriter Works with NIN andTool

Dan Rendine Singer Songwriter frequently seen at local venues

Joe Ottenger Guitarist with Hailstorm

Steve Wallace Guitarist/Bassist music store manager in Malvern

Morgan Phillips Bassist for Noosphere

Brian Hecker Guitarist with Huzzavox

Dave Pittenger Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter

Devon Vail Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter

Geoff Martin Guitarist/ Former student of mine

Graham Killian Guitarist/ Educator

James Klueh Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter and teacher. James

Eric Kaplan Guitarist for Cottonmouth

Jim Boggia Singer/Songwriter with 4 Way Street

Jack Ramano Luthier

Rich Veeck Guitarist/ Former student of mine

Chuck Treece Session musician/cut tracks for Mariah Carey

Leiana Grasso Solo artist

Adam Leskowitz Guitarist with Teos

Mike Z Guitarist with Catagory 5

Mike Corato Music educator

Jonatha Brooke Singer/Songwriter

Tony Guitarist/Sound engineer at The Pirates Den

Craig Guitarist/Sound at The Pirates Den

Randy Wompshire Production Manager/ Keswick Theatre

Jerry McWilliams Music educator/Guitarist/Songwriter

Eric and Mike Bassist and Guitarist for Fountain of Tears

Guitar Center Cherry Hill and Plymouth Meeting locations

Music Training Ctr. Students and staff

Brian Bricklin Studio Engineer/Songwriter

Dave Manley Session Guitarist/Music Educator

Music Workshop Students and staff

Rob and Dave Guitarist and Bassist from Pepper's Ghost

Tony Guitarist with Ozzmossis

Rocky Rauful Session Guitarist/Music Educator

Patrick Hughes Bassist for Mofaux

Charlie X Fabulous guitarist that has a unique style and a broad interest in music Charlie X